Thursday, 20 June 2013

Beaded Glass

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Borosilicate Glass Beaded Pipes are excellent corrosion resistant. The smooth surface of the glass prevents the sticking of the dirt & thus enables visual monitoring. Borosilicate Glass Beaded Pipes are best suited for chemically/organically contaminated waste water, waste gases, exhaust air, laboratory building drainage, Kitchen wastewater, sanitary wastewater, wastewater at airport runways etc. Borosilicate Glass Beaded Pipes are durable against acids, salty solutions & other organic substances. Due to the above, Borosilicate Beaded Pipe are better in such application in comparison to metals & plastics. All the beaded pipes are suitable for operating pressure of 0.5 bar (g). Beaded pipes joints are vacuum proof & are suitable for working temperature up to 120’C only.       We offer Beaded Pipes & components from DN 40 to DN 150. Incase you have requirement of bigger diameter component, feel free to discuss.



  1. Except for the this type of glass reactor with jacket, and here: it is also equipped with other types of reactors such as single layer reactor, high pressure reactor, chemical reactor, double layer reactor that can achieve the high temperature reaction and low temperature reaction.

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    How are you everybody. Hope you are everybody doing well. I wish to all for great in your life.Scientific glass means this concentrate pipe or water pipe is made from a specific type of borosilicate glass. It features clear glass (sometimes with very minor color accents), a “laboratory” design, and usually an overall design that resembles scientific equipment (glass beaker chambers, straight tubes, etc.).

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