Thursday, 20 June 2013

Beaded Glass

Posted by Hemant Goel On 02:54
Borosilicate Glass Beaded Pipes are excellent corrosion resistant. The smooth surface of the glass prevents the sticking of the dirt & thus enables visual monitoring. Borosilicate Glass Beaded Pipes are best suited for chemically/organically contaminated waste water, waste gases, exhaust air, laboratory building drainage, Kitchen wastewater, sanitary wastewater, wastewater at airport runways etc. Borosilicate Glass Beaded Pipes are durable against acids, salty solutions & other organic substances. Due to the above, Borosilicate Beaded Pipe are better in such application in comparison to metals & plastics. All the beaded pipes are suitable for operating pressure of 0.5 bar (g). Beaded pipes joints are vacuum proof & are suitable for working temperature up to 120’C only.       We offer Beaded Pipes & components from DN 40 to DN 150. Incase you have requirement of bigger diameter component, feel free to discuss.



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