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Goel’s Condenser

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We at GOEL manufactures and supplies Condensers up to 24inches.
Condensers are used for condensation of vapors and cooling of liquids. Condensers are made by fusing number of parallel coils in a glass shell. Coils are made in different diameters using tubes of different bores.

The average co-efficient of heat transfer in coil condenser
is considered as-
Condensation 200 - 270 Kcal/m ,hr, C appx.
Cooling 100 - 150 Kcal/m ,hr, C appx.

Below table shows the detail dimensions of different size condensor:

Precautions to be taken in use of condensers
- Vapors should be passed through shell only.
- Maximum pressure of coolant should be 2.7 bars.
- Adequate flow of coolant should be used.
- Steam should not be used in coils.
- Coolant should not be heated to boiling point.
- Coolant control valve should be turned slowly.
- Coolant should be allowed to drain freely.
- Brine can be used in coils in a closed circuit.
- Water main should be connected with flexible hose.
- Ensure no freezing of water remaining in the coils.
- Condensers should be mounted vertically only.
- Condensers can be mounted in series to provide larger surface area.


Vapors from bottom
This method is simple to install over a reactor. However this results in condensate returning substantially at its condensing temperature. In this method care must be taken that condensate is not excessive that it can lead to "logging" the coils and create back pressure in the system. Generally a reflux divider is used below the condenser to take out the distillate.

Vapors from top
This method produces a cool condensate using the entire cooling surface area. This method should be used where the condensate can lead to "logging" of coils.


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